Intranasal Epinephrine: The solution every dentist has been waiting for?

ARS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  has developed an intranasal (IN) epinephrine, “neffy”, designed for use in severe allergic reactions.  neffy is an aqueous epinephrine preparation with the addition of the functional excipient Intravail® A3 (dodecylmaltoside) to improve the bioavailability of the drug to increase absorption through nasal mucosa to injection-like levels without known injection-related adverse effects such as pain or irritation, and is already used in two other FDA-approved products.  

While still under review by the FDA, the data surrounding neffy’s safety and efficacy is pretty convincing.  Although there is no talk yet about what the cost will be, this could be a game changer for dentists.  Instead of buying expensive epinephrine autoinjectors or drawing up and injecting an intramuscular dose of 1:1000 epinephrine, a single dose sprayer can be applied into a patient’s nostril.  The sprayer device is identical in design to that which is already used to administer six other medications, including Narcan (naloxone).

In anticipation of neffy receiving FDA approval, Have Dummy Will Travel is working with our suppliers to provide this product to our clients.  In addition, we will be creating a brief training video to help relieve any anxiety over delivering medication through the intranasal route.     

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