Medication and Defibrillator Maintenance Agreements

After your purchase, most AED distributors will leave you off on your own, without any knowledge of your legal requirements to register the AED with local authorities, when maintenance is required, what to do after you use the AED, or even how to use it.  Most emergency medication suppliers also will not show you how to use your drug kit.

Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc. has relationships with all of the major manufacturers of AEDs and an emergency medication supplier.  We don’t want to make just a sale . . . we want to be your partner in lifesaving. It’s that simple. Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc. will stay with you every step of the way, especially after your purchase.

We can hold training sessions for you and your organization to learn how to use the AED or drug kit and how to provide good quality CPR.  All of our clients automatically receive free reminders when it is time to change expired pads, aging batteries, expiring medications and when it is time to refresh training. We will file all necessary legal notifications  and provide the necessary and ongoing physician oversight at nominal fees.  Should you use your AED or emergency medications, we will help you with what to do next, and provide  a code summary download of your unit for submission to your local medical control.  We will also help you with everything you need to make sure your AED and drug kit is ready for the next emergency. Who else can or is willing to do all of that?

Do you already have an AED or drug kit?

When you register your AED, we will look up the serial number for any possible manufacturer recalls or software upgrades and notify you of any problems and corrective actions, at no charge.

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