Get the training you need for blood exposures

Even if there is a possibility of workers at your site coming into contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials, you must protect your employees from risks and infection.  This may include providing annual training regarding the risks of infection and the proper procedures to follow when blood or other bodily fluids are present in the workplace.  Employees will also need to know your company’s specific policies and what to do if an exposure occurs.  Click here to see the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29CFR 1910.1030.

 Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc. can help you fulfill your with annual training requirements in as little as 2 hours or less.  We will come to your workplace and provide bloodborne and airborne pathogen training that is endorsed by the National Safety Council or the American Heart Association.  In addition, we can help you develop and manage a written health and safety plan for your company, assist you in properly reporting work-related injuries and illness, provide a mock “walk-through” inspection of your facility to determine if there are any hazards to your employees and assist you in remediating any issues we might find. 

Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc. is a health and safety training company, specializing in CPR/AED training, first aid and workplace safety.  Click here to contact us today and to see how we can help make your workplace safer. 


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