The Importance of AED Maintenance and Visibility

Although Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are instrumental in converting lethal heart rhythms into better manageable ones, an AED is useless if it doesn’t work or if no one is willing to use it.  According to a recent report published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, 1,150 cardiac arrest deaths in a 15 year period are connected to the failure of an AED.  Almost one-quarter of these failures were related to battery failure, and another 25% were related to pad connection and cable problems.  The other half of these AED failures occurred during the attempt to charge and deliver a shock, suggesting that operators may have been inadequately trained or nervous in using the device. 

 Another study found that although AEDs are prolific in public areas such as airports, sport stadiums and office buildings, less than half of the people populating these areas would be willing to use them and more than half of the people don’t even recognize them.  The take home message from these studies is clear: If you own an AED make sure it is maintained, make sure as many people as possible with access to the device are properly trained and make sure the unit is clearly visible to the general public.

 Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc. provides a turn-key maintenance program for any AED.  We can inspect your AED to make sure the battery and pads are up to date, we can provide CPR and AED training for your staff, family and friends and we can supply signage, wall mounts and accessories to make sure your life-saving device is within easy access.  Click here to go to our AED maintenance page.

 Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in North America and Europe.  The chances of a person surviving decline by 7 to 10 percent every minute they are without defibrillation.  Contact us today to speak to a health and safety professional that can guide you through AED training, maintenance and visibility.



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