Defibrillators (AEDs)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) kills more than 1,000 people every day in the United States. Although coronary heart disease is the leading cause, SCA can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Considering recent reports of a surge in the population of Americans with diseases that correlate to an increased risk of coronary heart disease (such as hypertension and diabetes), it is likely that more and more people will fall victim in the near future. Today, about 92% of people who experience SCA die.

SCA is most often an electrical problem with the heart. The electrical pathway is either excited too quickly, causing the ventricles to either beat too fast (ventricular tachycardia or v-tach), or is disorganized, causing the ventricles to simply quiver (ventricular fibrillation or v-fib). In either case, blood cannot be pumped effectively to the brain and the rest of the body.

A person who is defibrillated within 3 minutes of SCA has a 70% chance of survival with little or no lasting effects. For every minute thereafter, chances of survival decrease by 10%. While good quality CPR may increase the window of survival slightly, the underlying cause of SCA cannot be fixed without a specific energy electrical shock. Devices called Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can provide this life-saving shock.

Have Dummy will Travel, Inc. is committed to providing a wide array of affordable and easy-to-use AEDs for businesses, government and public buildings, sports teams, places of worship, or anyplace the public might gather. With so many AED choices on the market today, we also provide the expertise you desire, and can guide you through choosing the AED that is best for you. Moreover, we provide the individualized training needed to help you provide CPR and use the AED most effectively in your attempt to save a life. Call us at the number above or click here to reach an expert who will walk you through every step of the buying, training and legal compliance processes.

We also carry wall mount brackets and legal signage for your AED. Ask about our maintenance contracts for Philips and all other units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an AED?

Most people who experience SCA still have electrical activity in their heart. However, the electrical impulses are either too fast or disorganized, not allowing the heart to contract normally. This can be fixed with a specific dose of electricity. If delivered within three minutes of SCA, an AED can give a person a second chance at life, 70% of the time.

With so many AEDs and distributors out there, what makes you the best?

Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc. has relationships with all of the major manufactures of AEDs. Our expertise will help guide you through your purchase while considering your budget and comfort level. We even offer a lease option on select units to help make saving a life even more affordable than ever.

After your purchase, most distributors will leave you off on your own, without any knowledge of your legal requirements to register the AED with local authorities, when maintenance is required, what to do after you use the AED, or even how to use it.

We don’t want to make just a sale . . . we want to be your partner in lifesaving. It’s that simple. Have Dummy Will Travel, Inc. will stay with you every step of the way, especially after your purchase. We can hold training sessions for you and your organization to learn how to use the unit and how to provide good quality CPR. All of our clients automatically receive free reminders when it is time to change expired pads and aging batteries and when it is time to refresh training. We will file all necessary legal notifications free of charge and provide the necessary and ongoing physician oversight. Should you use your AED, we will help you with what to do next, and provide free a code summary download of your unit for submission to your local medical control. We will also help you with everything you need to make sure your AED is ready for the next emergency. Who else can or is willing to do all of that?

Can you support an AED I already have?

Absolutely! Kindly register your AED with us by calling (631)-849-4978 or click here. When you register your AED, we will look up the serial number for any possible manufacturer recalls or software upgrades. We will notify you of any problems and corrective actions, at no charge.

Can’t I just call 911 if there is an emergency?

While 911 or your local emergency number should always be called when someone experiences SCA, the average response time can be upward of 6 to 9 minutes or more. AEDs offered for public access and CPR courses required for high school graduation in Seattle, Washington contribute to the 40% survival rate of SCA patients. This is five times the national average. In essence, Emergency Medical Services don’t save lives in Seattle . . . its citizens do.

Will someone show me how to use my new AED?

You betcha! Every AED is delivered preassembled and ready for use. Our EMT or Paramedic instructors will spend the time necessary to review your new unit and how to use it. Telephone support is always available, free of charge. A more formal CPR/AED class is also available, at a nominal charge.

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