CPR Supplies

CPR Supplies

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Bag-Valve Masks (BVM)

Also referred to as a BVM, this device is used to provide a patient with positive pressure ventilations during the ventilation procedures of CPR. BVMs are the most difficult to use, requiring specialized training and practice. BVMs are available in adult, child and infant sizes, and meet the requirements of the American Dental Association.

Rescuers who have oxygen readily available can connect the BVM to their standard regulators to deliver 100% oxygen with each ventilation. Advanced rescuers use the BVM for initial ventilations during CPR, and then remove the mask for connection to standard sized intubation tubes.

Pocket Masks

A pocket mask, when utilized with the included one-way valve, provides for adequate protection against blood and fluid-borne pathogens during the manual ventilation procedures of CPR. The one-way valve ensures that secretions and vomit stay on the patient side of the mask where you won’t have to touch it.

Additional one-way valves are available, and interchange readily, to allow multiple rescuers performing CPR to utilize the same mask device while avoiding disease transmission. Rescuers who have oxygen readily available can utilize standard oxygen tubing to connect their standard regulators. This will deliver about 40% oxygen to a patient with each ventilation.

Key Chain Mask

This barrier device performs similar duties as a pocket mask during CPR. While this device does not have a one-way valve, many see it as an economical way to be prepared to give ventilations to a stranger, in case you need to perform CPR. This device is packed in a stylish keychain case, making it very portable.

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