Tips to Help Prevent Drownings

The following link is another horrible reminder that we must always remind ourselves to practice safety in and around the water:

Three-Year-Old Drowns In New Jersey

As we enter into the middle of the summer, the temperature is certainly going up.  How wonderful it is to spend some time in the pool or at a nearby lake or beach.


But how horrible it is to hear about so many recent drownings, especially because they involve children.


Keep yourself and your family safe this summer.  Here are a few tips to help:


In general:

  • Teach children how to swim and tread water at a young age.
  • When in public places, note the locations of AEDs and First Aid Stations
  • Learn / refresh your skills in CPR and AED use.


In the pool:

  • Always close and lock gates to the pool to keep children out when no one is available to directly supervise them.
  • Enforce “No-Diving” rules as indicated by your pool’s manufacturer.
  • Younger children should wear personal flotation devices until they can swim and tread water.
  • Never leave children unsupervised in the pool area – Not even for a minute!
  • Keep your cell phone close, but only use it in an emergency if there are no other adults to concentrate on watching children. Texts can wait.


At the lake or beach:

  • Do not allow children to go swimming alone in areas without lifeguards and always swim in designated areas only.
  • Always follow posted rules and the directions of the lifeguards.
  • Never let children swim without an adult watching and never drift more than an arms-length away from younger children, especially in the surf.
  • Younger children should wear personal flotation devices until they can swim and tread water.
  • Teach children to swim parallel to the shore if the current pulls them away from the beach.
  • Notify lifeguards and police immediately if a person from your party is missing.


Wishing you a safe and enjoyable rest of the summer.

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